Update March 20, 2020

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


COVID 19 has greatly impacted our community in so many ways. At this time in particular, the safety and health of everyone are of paramount importance. The Review has developed a plan to enable our important work to continue unabated, and ensure that our work is completed.

The Review has conducted many interviews with community members, groups and organizations, affected families and loved ones of those who went missing, former and current police officers and civilian employees, and experts. Judge Epstein participated in many face-to-face meetings as part of our robust community outreach and engagement. Our work continues with appropriate safeguards to protect both the Review team and the community. Members of the Review team are able to work remotely and continue to examine many thousands of documents. We are not currently conducting in-person interviews but instead, are interviewing by telephone and, whenever possible, through video conferencing. Some interviews are being rescheduled to facilitate later face-to-face meetings if circumstances permit.

Judge Epstein is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the Review’s work and who continue to do so, albeit in ways now specifically designed to ensure the utmost safety. The Review had planned a town hall meeting in June 2020 to report publicly on our work to date and to provide another opportunity for community members to ask questions, and share their perspectives and lived experiences. The town hall meeting will only be held if and when it can be done safely. In the meantime, the Review’s website outlines a number of alternative ways in which community members can provide their views.

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