Update January 8, 2019

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

The Hon. Gloria J. Epstein today announced the names of the Community Advisor and the Community Advisory Group as contemplated by the Review's Terms of Reference. They will assist the Review in its outreach to the Toronto community, particularly members of the LGTBQ2S+ community and those who are members of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Judge Epstein stated that "the Community Advisor and Community Advisory Group represent one important way in which I can get community feedback on potential recommendations I might make for change. They will also assist me in ensuring that everyone who wants to be heard is indeed heard."

Mark Sandler, Lead Counsel for the Review, observed that "this group is truly diverse in so many ways. Its members collectively bring a wide range of cultural identities, lived experiences, competencies, and expertise to our work." The full statement is available here.

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