Our Mandate

The Independent Civilian Review into Missing Person Investigations (the “Review”) was prompted by the tragic deaths of members of Toronto’s LGBTQ2S+ communities and by deep concerns about how the Toronto Police Service (the “TPS”) conducted the investigations into their disappearances.


The Review has been asked to evaluate how the TPS has conducted and is conducting missing person investigations, particularly in relation to LGBTQ2S+ and vulnerable or marginalized communities. The Review has also been asked to make recommendations to promote not only efficient, effective and bias-free investigations, but also better police relations with affected communities. Most important of all, the Review is intended to help bring the community together in looking for answers and fashioning new directions for the future. 

The Review Team

The Honourable Gloria J. Epstein, a recently retired judge of the Court of Appeal for Ontario is leading the Review. She will be assisted by Lead Counsel, Mark Sandler. A diverse group of community advisors (the "Community Advisory Group") is working to ensure that the Review’s public outreach and engagement is robust, and that diverse voices within the community have the opportunity to be heard. The Review is also supported by a multi-disciplinary team.

“The community needs answers. It needs assurances. And most of all, it needs an opportunity to come together and work collaboratively in achieving those goals. This is a vitally important job and the role of this Review.” – The Honourable Gloria J. Epstein

Report | Missing and Missed

The Review began in September 2018. The Review's report was submitted April 9, 2021. Read the report here.


Updates from the Review